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Bring us your favorite shirt & select fabrics for your new shirts. Done.


Remember that awesome shopping round looking for shirts that fit? Neither do we.

We are your friends fully dedicated to eliminate the time you spend looking for button up shirts. We do this so that you can spend more time doing fun stuff.

How it works?

1. Bring your favorite shirt
2. Chose fabrics for your new shirts
3. Done!

We will then keep your favorite shirt for 1 day to measure it. In 3 weeks you receive duplications of your favorite shirt in the chosen fabrics!


As you will see below, our service is available mainly through dry cleaners.


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Do not be a stranger, we are your friends. If there is something on your mind, let us know.

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Shopping is not awesome
This is true in most cases. If you are looking for a new surfboard, a new tank for your moto, new zipps for your cinelli… whatever your flavor might be. OK. But for button ups, we would call bluff.

If you mention measuring yourself and sniggle those dubious numbers into an online shop, or spending hours with that stinky tailor… We call double bluff.

Lets talk about the zack zack done solution
How about when leaving your favorite shirt at your dry cleaner, you select fabrics and buttons for your new shirts. Zack zack done. You are out!

Yes that’s right, you just ordered new perfectly fitting shirts, based on your favorite piece, in top notch 100% cotton fabrics. Egyptian fabrics if you felt fancy.

You are done even before that traditional shopper starts to cringe visioning his upcoming public toilet visit. You on the other hand have more time for the awesome stuff.