I love the service and since I am travelling and working in emerging markets, i use my shirts often in rough environments. I need to have a fast reliable and reasonably priced service for new shirts. Clone Your Shirts delivers on that promise. Every time.



As a lot of other people I had an old and worn out shirt, with the perfect fit, that I did not want to throw out. Finding a shirt with the perfect fit is difficult, and going to the taylor is time-consuming and expensive. CYS provided me with an alternative solution, and within days delivered new and crisp “clones” with perfect precision. Service is reliable and fast, and I can highly recommend CYS.



As a student I value the great offer! It's also great that I can see and touch the fabric at the dry cleaner before I buy and that I don't have to measure myself. Less surprises vs. my online orders!



Clone Your Shirt is a awesome service, good quality and reliable delivery. I will for sure buy more shirts from them. It's also a good tip as present for the entire family.